A comprehensive services offering encompassing free 30-minute global trade clinics, dedicated consultancy, hands-on support, and training; all delivered by seasoned global trade specialists with first-hand experience of import and export across many different sectors


Most SMEs embarking on global trade for the first time will find it both an exhilarating and daunting prospect. For many, trading globally, represents the natural next step to growth, for some it offers the opportunity to source alternative products of superior quality or at a more competitive price. 

Whatever the motivation, global trade can be complex and technical, and the costs of getting it wrong, significant. Seeking advice or engaging a specialist early on in the journey can help to save costs later on. Global Trade Department has developed a wealth of support to cater for all requirements, from free 1:1 consultations, and deep and technical consultancy, through to hands-on operational support, and a myriad of virtual and in-house training options. We have not yet confronted a client challenge or ambition that we have not been able to help overcome or achieve.


We are 100% flexible and outcome-focused, it is all about what works best for you and your company. We can engage with you in whichever manner promises to deliver the greatest reward to your business; that could be managing your entire new market launch from research through to market entry; or undertaking technical tasks required to obtain HMRC accreditations and authorisations that facilitate trade; or simply being there for you in a mentoring capacity to help facilitate a smooth and successful project.  

Below you will see a list of the kind of services we provide. 

Global Trade Clinic

Gain dedicated, specialist import and export support and advice via a free of charge 30-minute Zoom appointment with a Global Trade Department consultant



From strategy definition, market research and regulatory studies through to partner selection and market launch, our consultants guide your global trade efforts to mitigate risk and optimise success.

Hands-on support

Global trade can be complex as well as time and resource intensive. Hands-on support like our Global Trade Manager service, boosts your internal team’s capacity whilst transferring vital knowledge.


Our wide-ranging training courses are delivered by experienced domain specialists and pitched perfectly for expanding your team’s import and export knowledge whilst simultaneously building their confidence.

Global Trade Sustainability Assessment

Obtain an impartial, outside-in assessment of your current global trading processes and practices, with practical recommendations of how you can incorporate sustainability values and targets to meet future regulatory requirements and drive long-term growth.