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Experienced, in-house and local market researchers able to deliver robust and reliable international research, drawing from online media, local embassy resources, databases, trade body contacts, and long-established overseas connections

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Sustainable Global Trade


Detailed market research is an essential component of a robust and successful, global strategy and plan. We have access to and utilise a broad range of methods to deliver comprehensive analysis of potential markets and their suitability for our clients. 

Maybe you have fixed idea of the market(s) you want to target, or maybe you have some vague ideas needing validation, we can help! We often use a combination of desktop research and field research (both quantitative and qualitative) as we find that provide the most reliable data on target markets, be that for import or export purposes. In addition to online media, we utilise local embassy contacts, several databases, trade body contacts, and overseas connections to enable us to deliver comprehensive analysis of potential markets. 

If you’re exporting, we can also provide insight into the most appropriate routes to market based on your company’s portfolio and infrastructure (direct, agents/distributor, franchise, etc.); and provide primary data via international market surveys, interviews, and international market visits where applicable (trade shows, independent visits with/without customer meetings, and trade missions). 

There are also several free or heavily subsidised market research offerings available to SMEs, however sourcing this research and determining what is relevant to your own operation can be tricky and time consuming. Global Trade Department can not only signpost you to these free and/or discounted services, our background in market and customer research, positions us well to commission, consolidate, and interpret research from these sources. Importantly we can further enhance the research process by ensuring that findings are reflected in your actual global strategy and plan so that your decision making is well informed and can truly govern the direction you take. 

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Are you ready to trade globally? Do you have the requisite skills, knowledge, resource, capacity? Are your product or service ready, can they be adapted to meet the demands of other markets? Are your global supply chains sustainable? These questions and more can be answered via a Global Trade Readiness Review, highlighting your strengths and limitations meaning you jump in optimally prepared.

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Which market? When? To what scale? Your expansion overseas or global sourcing strategy should be given at least the same focus, time, and detailed planning as any new business venture, some would argue it warrants even more. Our strategy and planning sessions help you formalise your import/export plans, understanding which international markets to target, how to enter them, and to what scale.

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Detailed market research is an essential component of a robust and successful, global strategy and plan. Via Global Trade Department, you have access to and can benefit from a broad range of methods to deliver comprehensive analysis of potential markets and their suitability for your business. We help ensure your decision making is well informed and can truly govern the direction you take.

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The UK and overseas markets have bodies, regulations, customs processes, and border controls that place a level of regulatory burden on traders and mandate whether they can legally import or export certain goods. Via our Regulatory and Legal Studies, we investigate applicable regulation and customs clearance requirements and advise what needs to be in place to legally ship them and place them on the target market.

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Most companies engaged in global trade will be required to establish and manage relationships with overseas entities, be they suppliers, distributers, fulfilment houses, etc. Global Trade Department has decades of experience sourcing and vetting suitable overseas partners, our clients benefit from this experience as we remove this time-consuming burden and lay the foundations of successful business relationships. 

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The nature of your product or service and its associated regulation will dictate the level of adaptation it requires before it can be legally placed on a market. However, even products in less regulation-intensive sectors benefit from adaptation to secure early market adoption and revenue growth. Working with Global Trade Department can help optimally prepare your product or service to guarantee quick wins.

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An overseas market launch, even executed well, can be stressful and time consuming. There are always several concurrent activities underway, some strategic but many operational; these can quickly overwhelm teams, leaving them feeling like they’re making little progress. Global Trade Department works to boost your in-house efforts, whilst also ensuring we optimise knowledge transfer at every stage in the process.

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Knowing your audience is key, as is knowing how they consume and value your product or service; this knowledge informs the kind of global marketing strategy you’ll need to adopt. Global Trade Department works with UK and local market specialists to develop global marketing strategies and in-market activity that best suits our clients’ brands and optimises their success in penetrating their target markets.

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From strategy definition, market research and regulatory studies through to partner selection and market launch, our consultants guide your global trade efforts to mitigate risk and optimise success.

Hands-on support

Global trade can be complex as well as time and resource intensive. Hands-on support like our Global Trade Manager service, boosts your internal team’s capacity whilst transferring vital knowledge.


Our wide-ranging training courses are delivered by experienced domain specialists and pitched perfectly for expanding your team’s import and export knowledge whilst simultaneously building their confidence.

Global Trade Sustainability Assessment

Obtain an impartial, outside-in assessment of your current global trading processes and practices, with practical recommendations of how you can incorporate sustainability values and targets to meet future regulatory requirements and drive long-term growth.