Global Trade Sustainability Assessment

Using a proprietary framework, GTD's Global Trade Sustainability Assessment provides an impartial view of your company's ESG practices across your global trade operation; before putting forward recommendations for improvement in a comprehensive, written report

Impartial, outside-in, third party assessment

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Practical, achievable recommendations

Future proof global trading stategy

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Sustainability has become a huge topic and focus for many consumers and businesses alike. We have witnessed in recent years the emergence of the socially conscious consumer who actually cares about issues like human rights and eliminating slavery; and who would rather pay a premium for a product that protects nature than a lower price for one that contributes to its destruction. We also know that at some point ‘carrot’ will give way to ‘stick’ and regulation will become more stringent with associated fines to enforce compliance. SMEs should be using this time to get ahead of the game, and place sustainability at the forefront of their business agenda. 

This is where the Global Trade Department’s Global Trade Sustainability Assessment can assist. When evaluating your company’s sustainability, we look at four key areas: environmental impact, social impact, economic impact, and governance; and importantly your company’s stance, strategy, and activity across these areas both domestically and globally. We use a proprietary framework of metrics e.g. within environmental we consider carbon or sustainability reporting, attempts to use renewable energy sources, etc. whilst with social we look at ethical supply, diversity, etc. and much, much more. 

Assessments are conducted remotely over Zoom, MS Teams, etc. and deliverable is a written report recommending tangible, achievable changes you can implement to dramatically improve your sustainability standing, reduce costs, engage staff, increase market share, improve brand perception and increase brand equity. This report can also form the basis of subsequent policies i.e. environmental, or an ISO 140001 action plan if this is a standard you hope to obtain. 

To find out more about our Global Trade Sustainability Assessment, email us at and one of the team will happily answer any questions you may have. 

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