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Incredibly passionate about global trade and the success of UK micro businesses and SMEs, we exist to help these companies excel in all areas of import and export. With an average of 30 years experience per team member, there has yet to be a challenge too difficult or ambition too great!

What we do

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Global Trade Department is a business management consultancy specialising in International Trade, Compliance, Sustainability Planning, Business Resilience, and Growth.

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Who we are

As our company name and logo suggest, we are incredibly passionate about global trade. Our driving force is optimising the success rate of UK micro businesses and SMEs selling into foreign markets and sourcing from overseas suppliers.

Our core expertise and experience reside in strategic market development; global partner sourcing and vetting; global trade compliance; global trade facilitation; sustainable global trade; global supply chain management; and international logistics. We have gained this experience whilst expanding the global operations of some high-profile brands and smaller niche players over the past 30+ years.

Recognising the growing importance of sustainability within the business environment, together with the role global trade plays in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we place significant importance on this when engaging with clients. Many of our clients already have or are planning to incorporate sustainability into their business agenda, our role is to enhance their efforts by guiding them on how they can ‘green’ their global trade strategies and activities. We developed our niche and proprietary ‘Sustainable Trade Assessment’ framework and service to specifically assist clients in this area.

Each of our team members has an average of 30+ years’ global trade experience, and as a small company ourselves we have first-hand experience of the many challenges SMEs face, but we also believe there is an opportunity for SMEs to play their size to their advantage. We are excellently placed to help fellow businesses exploit their strengths and overcome their obstacles in global trade, and we are committed to providing the best advice and solutions to help them grow and increase their profitability from trading internationally.

Our founder

Andrea Collins MIEx, MBA, BA (Hons) is an international trade specialist with 25+ years’ experience in the industry and a passionate ambassador of UK micro businesses and SMEs

Business sustainability

Providing sustainable benefits for our stakeholders and community whilst limiting our impact on the environment, both directly and through our work with clients

Our team

The Global Trade Department team is made up of specialist consultants, trainers, internal staff, all supported by a very special, fury member.