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Sustainable Global Trade

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Expanding your business overseas is a thrilling prospect with a potentially huge pay off, and it needn’t be the “big and scary” move you imagine.

Drawing on international trade and market research experience accumulated over some 20 years, we can work alongside you offering honest and constructive feedback throughout each step of your journey. We can provide fresh insight and new perspectives, whilst also sharing useful contacts and passing on invaluable knowledge and expertise.

What can i expect?

We are 100% flexible and outcome-focused, it is all about what works best for you and your company. We can engage with you in whichever manner promises to deliver the greatest reward to your business; that could be managing your entire new market launch from research through to market entry; or undertaking key activities to help bolster your resource and speed things along; or simply being there for you in a mentoring capacity to help facilitate a smooth and successful project. Below you will see a list of the kind of export services we provide.

Other Consultancy Services

Which market? When? To what scale? Your expansion overseas or global sourcing strategy should be given at least the same focus, time, and detailed planning as any new business venture, some would argue it warrants even more. 

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Detailed market research is an essential component of a robust and successful, global strategy and plan. We have access to and utilise a broad range of methods to deliver comprehensive analysis of potential markets and their suitability for our clients. 

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We undertake what we call regulatory/legal studies or assessments that essentially sees us analysing the regulation that applies to your goods in a certain market(s) and advising what needs to be in place to legally ship them and place them on the target market.

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Most if not all companies engaged in global trade will be required to establish and manage relationships with overseas entities, be they suppliers, distributers, fulfilment houses, local professional services companies, etc. 

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Both the nature of your product or service and its associated regulation in the export market will dictate the level of adaptation it requires before it can be legally placed on that market. 

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We are always delighted to support early-stage businesses because we love the fact that they are already ‘thinking global’ from inception and ensuring that their product and brand development continuously supports this ambition. 

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More Services

Global Trade Clinic

Access up to 30-minutes of import and export support and advice free of charge via a remote Zoom session with one of our seasoned experts. Whatever your challenge or objective, a lot can be covered during a 30-minute session.


From a dedicated Global Trade Manager to obtaining valuable Customs authorisations (IP, OP, AEO, etc.) our hands-on support sees our consultants becoming a member of your team for an agreed period to boost knowledge, capacity and self-sufficiency.


Our in-house and virtual training courses provide the perfect opportunity to upskill your team on all things import and export. Courses cater for both novice and experienced employees covering everything from documentation and shipping through to customs and regulatory compliance and more.