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Lazy Flora

Claire Ransom from Nottinghamshire had always dreamed of having a gorgeous garden but when she finally moved into a flat with a balcony in 2015 she found it hard to realise her dream

Global Trade Compliance Review

As a business operating in the UK you must comply with customs regulations laid down
in UK law, administered and policed by HMRC. You must also have procedures to
establish the correct data for customs declarations and as well as having competent, and
skilled staff undertaking customs and international trade activities

Sustainable Trade Planning

Sustainability and climate change are set to completely transform trade liberalisation
and the globalisation landscape over the coming years; companies need to be prepared
for this.

Specialist 1:1 Support

Are you looking to expand your brand overseas through export? Perhaps you are looking
to take your supply chain global through import. Receive dedicated 1:1 support with a
seasoned Global Trade specialist.

Global trade manager programme

Receive your own dedicated Global Trade Manager to provide up to 30 hours of
operational support, helping increase your team’s knowledge and bolster your capacity
to deliver against your international trade ambitions.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR UK EXPORTERS: Emerging markets and the economic landscape in 2030

Anyone who has ever spoken to me about international trade, will know that I am a huge champion of fast growing, emerging markets, and with good reason – research by HSBC this year predicted that approx. 70% of future world growth will come from emerging economies. The Export Department works with micros and SMEs, and …

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